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Playlist 0216

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Mar 08, 2016 23:58

1 Motorpsycho - Here Be Monsters

2 Anna Högberg Attack - Anna Högberg Attack

3 Swans - Love Of Life

4 Swans - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity

5 New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Infernal Machine

6 Elephant9 - Silver Mountain

7 The Cult - Hidden City

8 Kvelertak - Meir

9 The Besnard Lakes - A Coliseum Complex Museum

10 Fire! - She Sleeps, She Sleeps

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Playlist 0116

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Jan 30, 2016 10:52

1 Savages - Adore Life

2 David Bowie - Black Star


4 Kamasi Washington - The Epic

5 Baroness - Purple

6 Sunn O))) - Kannon

7 Promise & The Monster - Feed The Fire

8 Booker T & The MG's - And Now!

9 Motörhead - Overkill

10 Anna Von Hausswolff - The Miraculous

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2015 Top 20, honorary 30

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Jan 08, 2016 18:57

Top 20 & honorary 30,

Incredible music year once again, seen so many fantastic gigs and bought shitloads of great albums. Played a bunch of cool shows as well, both with Kamchatka and Candlemass. 2016 already seems to be more busy since we’re releasing a new album with Spiritual Beggars in March. Lots of logistics involved in juggling 3 bands but really looking forward to get out there this upcoming year. I’ll post tour dates as we go along so for those interested, stay tuned!

We released an album called Long Road Made Of Gold with Kamchatka in ’15, very proud of this one and if into psychedelicriffprogbluesrock check it out!

Also honored to have been asked to play guest keys on a couple of releases by some good old friends, especially since they’re all great albums.

Anekdoten - Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
Amazing album from the prog lords and lordette… In my opinion the best contemporary swedish prog band by far and stoked to have been asked to duel with Nicklas on Shooting Star, and no it’s not dueling banjos…

Casablanca - Miskatonic Graffitti
Cool double album from a dear friend of mine with a loose storyline that musically lands somewhere in between Alice Cooper, Savatage & Cheap Trick.

Sky High - Stone & Gravel
I’ve played with this band on and off between 1989 ’til 2004. Classic swedish blues rock band that started in 1978. Played keys on 2 tracks on this new album that sees the line-up of 1984 reunite again, good singing and good playing as Grand Funk once said.

Top 20
So as usual the rules are, no EP’s, no re-issues and no albums I’ve had anything to do with. First some words on a couple of cool EP’s and re-issues since they’re not part of the list.

Magma - Slag Tanz
Saw them live in Helsingborg this fall and it was worth every penny and the 6 hours I spent driving there. The show was nothing less than incredible and might have been my fave gig of the year. Slag Tanz contains everything you’d expect from Magma, passionate intense musicianship and an occult vibe with Coltranes spirit overseeing the whole ritual, get it!

Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia
The biggest rock band in the world at the moment, and of course it’s not very hip to like them according to the Mr Know-it-alls, but I do. Refreshing with a band this popular that actually seems to like to play, talk about and listen to music, which is more than you can say about a lot of their contemporaries. This EP is free so just download it if curious.

Loop - Array 1
Classic 80’s UK psychedelic rock band with touches of kraut & shoegaze. This comeback EP is the first in a series of 3 I believe!?, could be wrong but regardless, it’s a great traveling companion and easy to get lost in.

Nifelheim - Satanatas
My favorite so far by them I’d say, good analogue production that suits the music and great songs. Metal played by people that live for metal and the dedication definitely shines through. Only available on vinyl, good stuff and looking forward to the full length!

A selection of classic stuff that have been released this year which I really enjoy. Well worth the money I’d say and if nothing else quite educational.

Sly & The Family Stone - Live At The Fillmore East
Florian Fricke/Popol Vuh - Kailash
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Year Book 2005-2014
Jimi Hendrix - Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival
Faces - You Can Make Me Dance

Don’t think I have a favorite album this year like Fire! Orchestra - Enter was in 2014. Looking at the list they’re all really solid albums in their own way and I’ve played all of them a lot, and will keep on doing so. Very happy about the Faith No More, Swervedriver and Refused records since they haven't been active for a long time. It’s not easy to reinvent yourself so to speak, but these guys all delivered in spades though. I could write about each album for days since there’s so much stuff I’d like to recommend but part of being a nerd is discovering things on your own as well so…here we go in alphabetical order, 2015 top 20 & honorary 30. If curious ’bout any of these just hit me here on FB, Instagram or twitter. Spread, share, RT, regram or whatnot…enjoy!

2015 Top 20
Baroness - Purple
Clutch - Psychic Warfare
Calexico - Edge Of The Sun
The Dead Weather - Dodge & Burn
Elephant9 - Silver Mountain
Faith No More - Sol Invictus
Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul
High On Fire - Luminiferous
Los Lobos - Gates Of Gold
Mutoid Man - Bleeder
Napalm Death - Apex Predator
Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling - Tongue Tied
Refused - Freedom
Royal Thunder - Crooked Doors
Swervedriver - I Wasn’t Born To Follow
Sunn O))) - Kannon
The Thing - Shake
Kamasi Washington - The Epic
Wino & Conny Ochs - Freedom Conspiracy
Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

Honorary 30
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
The Alchemist & Oh No Present - Welcome To Los Santos
Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit & Think, Sometimes I Just Sit
Bell Witch - Four Phantoms
The Bevis Frond - Example 22
Dorthia Cottrell - Dorthia Cottrell
Dungen - Allas Sak
Enslaved - In Times
Gentleman’s Pistols - Hustlers Row
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress
The Go! Team - The Scene Between
Guilty Simpson - Detroit’s Son
Anna Von Hauswolff - The Miraculous
Jenny Hval - Apocalypse, Girl
Killing Joke - Pylon
Bettye Lavette - Worthy
Laura Marling - Short Movie
Metz - II
Motörhead - Bad Magic
New Order - Music Complete
No Joy - More Faithful
Jim O’Rourke - Simple Songs
Sabbath Assembly - Sabbath Assembly
Sleater Kinney - No Cities To Love
The Sonics - This Is
Pops Staples - Don’t Lose This
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
Torche - Restarter
Wire - Wire
With The Dead - With The Dead

Nerds unite & silence sucks!


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Playlist 1115

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Dec 08, 2015 14:25

1 Ragnar Grippe - Ten Temperaments

2 David Bowie - Heroes

3 Sabbath Assembly - Sabbath Assembly

4 Herbie Hancock - Crossings

5 Bombs Of Hades - Death Mask Replica

6 Dungen - Allas Sak

7 New Order - Music Complete

8 Demon Fuzz - Afreaka

9 Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia EP

10 Shub Niggurath - C'étaient De Très Grands Vents

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Playlist 1015

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Nov 10, 2015 15:29

1 Clutch - Psychic Warfare

2 Pharoah Sanders - Elevation

3 G.B.H. - Midnight Madness & Beyond..

4 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Freedom Tower

5 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress

6 Dr Feelgood - Down By The Jetty

7 Fire! w/ Jim O’Rourke - Unreleased

8 Los Lobos - Gates Of Gold

9 Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling - Tongue Tied

10 Killing Joke - Pylon

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Playlist 0915

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Oct 06, 2015 22:10

1 The Dead Weather - Dodge & Burn

2 Sparks - Kimono My House

3 Craft - Void

4 Little Feat - Last Record Album

5 Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare

6 Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch

7 Motörhead - Bad Magic

8 The Bevis Frond - Example 22

9 Shining - One One One

10 Thelonius Monk - Straight No Chaser

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Playlist 0815

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Sep 01, 2015 23:13
1 Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

2 Stephen Stills - Manassas

3 Einstürzende Neubauten - Tabula Rasa

4 Pentagram - Curious Volume

5 Krunch - We're Back..But We're Evil The Almost Complete Krunch, but more...

6 Mutoid Man - Bleeder

7 Sky High - Stone & Gravel

8 Loney Dear - Loney Noir

9 The Stooges - Funhouse

10 High On Fire - Luminiferous

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Playlist 0715

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Aug 01, 2015 11:19
1. Refused - Freedom

2. Miles Davis - Quiet Nights

3. Ray Charles - The Genius Sings The Blues

4. Jenny Hval - Apocalypse Girl

5. Celtic Frost - Monotheist

6. Gillan - Magic

7. Florian Fricke/Popol Vuh - Kailash

8. No Joy - More Faithful

9. Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God I & II

10. Äänipää - Through A Pre-Memory

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Playlist 0615

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Jul 03, 2015 11:11
1. New Order - Get Ready

2. Voivod - Angel Rat

3. Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R (We Are Renegades)

4. Ornette Coleman - The Complete Science Fiction Sessions

5. General Surgery/Butcher ABC - Split LP

6. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame

7. Gorguts - Colored Sands

8. Magma - Köhntarkösz

9. Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet

10. AC/DC - Rock Or Bust

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PLaylist 0515

PlaylistsPosted by Hippograffix Jun 01, 2015 21:06
1. Faith No More - Sol Invictus

2. Cursed - II

3. Akira Sakata/Johan Berthling/Paal Nilssen-Love - Arashi

4. Calexico - Edge Of The Sun

5. Pat Metheny - New Chautauqua

6. Earthless - From The Ages

7. Nifelheim - Satanatas

8. His Hero Is Gone - The Plot Sickens

9. Sweet Apple - The Golden Age Of Glitter

10. Madness - One Step Beyond

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